Reconstruction & Clean Slate Exemption

My steps to destermine these criteriaare: 1. Listers cards describing the property in 2006 & 2007. 2: Listers cards describing the property for the last 5 years.

Permit Exemption for Reconstruction 1-302 states that you have 4 years (5 if from fire) to reconstruct your home. But in 1-302(b) a building is considered destroyed if in ruins where the roof, walls, or foundation have collapsed OR are collapsing OR condemned by a municipality or State. This means that even if the building is lived in, it may still be considered destroyed and therefore NOT able to be rebuilt without a Wastewater Permit meeting the 2019 standards. Another note about this is that if you are claiming that the building has been a rustic camp or storage building for property tax purposes, you cannot claim the property is suddenly a livable building to claim the exemption.

The only evidence I can use to determine the state of a building for the last 4 years or for the 1-303 “Clean Slate Exemption” (prior to 2007) is the official listers record of the building’s description. I have seen where many people saved taxes on their property by downgrading the description of their buildings only to find they do not qualify for exemptions later.